Project: Viaduct

Category: Hospitality

Client: Viaduct

Project Year: 2022

Project Credits:

Design: Faber Design

Project Overview:

A dynamic hub for the versatile Shoreditch scene.

From the start, this was going to be something special. Three Victorian railway arches in the centre of Shoreditch. This was the original “RAVE” club back in the 90’s. Now transformed into 3 very distinct bars and an outdoor seating area. The Viaduct also has the honour of holding some of the original “Banksy” artwork.

Each bar lending itself to a theme, while remaining as a whole experience.

  • Cosmos: Beautifully illuminated cocktail lounge
  • Tap: Emphatic and industrial, to resonate with the Shoreditch surroundings
  • Arch: Elevated and casual dining with the adjoining outdoor terrace

A real challenge this one. With massively thick brick walls containing the bars. With more than 50 lighting circuit both inside and out. This pushed the Bluetooth Mesh control system to its limits.

Each bar is controlled separately.

We can highly recommend the cocktail list.