iHMS Services

Systeq can share their wealth of experience working with independent and international hotel groups, know-how that brings with it the ability to listen to client needs.

Working with architects, lighting designers, interior designers, or directly with the hotel, hotel group or developers, our first mission is to understand the exact requirements of the project which may include in-room technology, access control and energy management.

At Systeq we truly believe in a collaborative approach from the early stages of a project, enabling us to develop your brief and go on to deliver your vision. Every requirement is different and our goal is to deliver excellence, using our technical experience to ensure device compatibility and delight both the hotel guest and owner, whether for an independent boutique hotel, a budget hotel chain or a luxurious hotel brand.

Based in the UK, yet working Internationally, the design team at Systeq can deliver a full management service or a product only service depending upon the requirements of the brief. Full management includes working with clients developing a brief, technical specifications and full liaison with contractors both before, during and after the installation.

Clients can also choose to work with us in collaboration with local installers. Products and briefings are driven by our team in the UK and implemented by experienced local contractors – of course, our technical team are always on hand to give support and advice – this service can suit certain projects. Full training is provided allowing local management to make incremental adjustments should there be unseasonal weather or a group booking of guests from an unfamiliar climate.


Seamless Technical Integration

Identifying a problem with a hotel room before the guest has to report it is an essential part of a quality guest experience and key to the efficient running of a hotel. Utilising the capabilities of the Integrated Hotel Management System (iHMS) from Systeq enables hotel employees to easily and efficiently manage rooms using the system, which alerts of any faults before guests even notice.

Additionally, this simple to use system, delivers a substantial financial benefit by minimising revenue loss due to out of service rooms, it provides quick access to room status and delivers a fully traceable work flow.

The iHMS from Systeq:

  • Monitors the HVAC equipment and under floor heating system in real time.
  • Reports on any malfunctioning units.
  • Monitors guest room network connections and reports on non-communicating rooms.
  • Reports low battery levels on any 3rd party locks and alarm conditions.
  • Provides real time ‘birds eye’ display of room status. 


Exceptional Guest Experiences

Systeq unites room services into one simple control system which intuitively provides the hotel guest with the services they require. Working with hoteliers and designers we can optimise the room scene for your guest’s arrival, creating the ultimate environment using lighting, temperature and curtains for the perfect ambience. Guests are free to make adjustments for their desired comfort, using the easy to use controls.


Door Entry Systems

A reliable door entry system is not only essential for hotel security but also provides a valuable first impression of the room that awaits beyond the door. The need to operate efficiently operate is paramount, whilst the quality of materials provides a quiet suggestion of the design and quality of the room.

Our intelligent access control solutions deliver the perfect balance of security and ease of use, offering a range of bespoke key or key card solutions. Controls are available in a range of finishes or can be customised to make the best first impression. Incorporating a room number signage plate, a doorbell, do not disturb or make up room button are features that can be added. Systeq’s access control system integrates with nearly all third party locking hardware and can be implemented with minimal disruption.

Often our Guest Room Management System (GRMS) is interfaced wired or connected wirelessly with third party locking systems to complete a fully integrated room control system.


Energy Saving Management System

Managing energy is an essential element of successful cost management of a hotel, with incremental changes having a significant impact on the bottom line of operations. Systeq’s Energy Saving System offers state of the art monitoring and automated control of bedroom energy consumption.

The system monitors and controls the room environment depending on occupancy. It operates automatically in the background, with no requirement of intervention.

The system is activated when triggered by a ‘door opening event’; sensors such as PIRs provide feedback information to the system to determine room occupancy status. The number of sensors is space dependent to provide best coverage.

Temperature logging provides qualitative information for the service and maintenance of the mechanical system.


Create Lighting Scenes With Ease

Hotel rooms are inherently multi-functional areas where guests might like to eat, sleep, work or relax. Ambient, task, accent or decorative; the ability to create scenes to evoke different moods is a great opportunity to create memorable guest experiences whilst also allowing visitors to customise settings to their own particular requirements. Flexibility of Systeq’s software allows multiple scene setting delivering the design vision for the space.

On a more practical level it allows the hotel to efficiently manage energy costs utilizing occupancy sensors and dimming systems.


You Are In Control Of Your Climate

The ambient temperature of a hotel room is optimised to such a level that there is no need for personal intervention. Even on unseasonably warm or cold days the room temperatures can be managed at the touch of a button, exploiting an opportunity for cost savings on these special days, whilst still allowing guests to customise temperature to their own special requirements. 

HVACs can also be aligned with occupancy access control to manage temperatures when rooms are unoccupied. New designs are currently in development.


Smart Rooms To Make A View

Smart technology incorporating curtain and blind controls is becoming increasingly popular within the luxury hotel sector. Particularly for south facing rooms it provides an opportunity to reduce heating, optimising the energy from the sun. Additionally, blinds can be lowered to ensure guests are not blinded by the sun when entering the room.

The software can be programmed to exactly fulfil the requirements of the hotel and designer, perhaps taking the opportunity to reveal a spectacular sunset or to close curtains to conceal a less than perfect view. These ‘little’ details make the difference for the ultimate hotel experience.


Room Service At The Touch Of A Button

Hotel guests can easily request services through the in-room tablet. Whether they require extra water, room service, room turn down or simply do not wish to be disturbed, they are able to make their request without having to make a call or visit the reception area.

Requests can be integrated seamlessly into existing operational systems, providing real time updates to the operational teams enabling them to respond quickly and efficiently to clear tasks. This enables a highly personalised service to discerning hotel guests with a realistic and actionable process.


Customised For You

Systeq collaborates with architects and designers to develop leading edge and beautifully designed products. Meeting specific design requirements can certainly enhance the look and feel of a space. Using a trusted network of suppliers, Systeq create high quality products which work both aesthetically and reliably for relevant design schemes required.

Concepts are developed after detailed briefings and include budgets, control strategy and control equipment required. Materials, colours, texts and icons, back lighting, sizes and overall layouts of switch plates, panels and table top consoles can be customized. Room number signage plates with options to integrate door locking readers, doorbell buttons and room status indicators can also be customized. Prototypes and samples can be made available for mock-up rooms before roll-out production. Systeq assures timely delivery in line with agreed work schedules and ensures that items are kept in stock in case of accidental damage after installation.

Co-ordinating the interior design scheme to harmoniously integrate technical units, furniture, soft furnishings and other items throughout the rooms, offices, private and public areas, delivers coherent and sophisticated aesthetic, achieving calm elegance in beautifully engineered spaces.

From our UK production facilities in Watford we design and build our GRMS systems. Our experienced team of engineers are on hand to deliver unrivalled service to clients, sales partners, system integrators and installers. Whether bespoke configurations or custom designed wall plates, Systeq provides industry leading installations from design to finish and outstanding customer care and support.