H2A Wireless

The H2A Bluetooth Mesh wireless control system enables you to easily control your lighting, relays and blind controls. The control can be either via our App, a wall plate switch or a handheld remote control. A very simple off the shelf control system. Built with simplicity in mind.

The system comprises of two parts.

  1. The sender: App, Wall Switch, Remote or Voice.
  2. The receiver: This is connected to the circuit to receive the command.

The Senders.

The App.

Simple and intuitive to use. The App allows for the set up of your control system. This also allows you to turn on/off lights, dim, recall scenes and set up timed events. This can be done by individual circuits or by entire rooms.

Once set up, the App issues a QR code. This can be transferred in seconds to any other smart device to control the system. You only need to programme one App.

The App also knows where you are in the world, and what the date is. You can simply add a sunrise or sunset command to a timed event. This will automatically change the time every day. Timed events can be set up via the minuet, hour, day, week and year. If you want your colour changing lights to be red on Valentines Day morning. This is a simple command. The App also allows connection via Alexia and Google for voice control.

Wall Plate switches.

We have 6 button layout options, with either black or white buttons. These buttons are pre-set to match their legend. We also offer the following switch plate options;

  •  2 plastic switch plate surrounds. Black or White.
  • 8 standard Flat Plate finishes to compliment any interior.
  • We can also custom match to any finish to the Flat Plate range. Sample required. (POA)

Handheld remote.

Again, we have 3 options with the remote. These come with a magnetic wall bracket. Hopefully to stop it being lost down the side of the sofa.

  1. 4 pre-set scenes
  2. CCT (colour temperature control)
  3. RGBW (Colour changing control)

The Receivers.

Up to 200 receivers can be set up on 1 App. Each switch can control >185 receivers, each receiver can be controlled by > 8 switch plates or remotes. The System can be added to at any time, so making a room by room install or adding garden lighting very simple.

Most Receivers can handle > 200 watts of LED lighting.