2 Channel MOSFET Trailing Edge Dimmer

The 2-Channel MOSFET Dimmer 712T-500-2, is a RON device and trailing edge 2-channel dimmer designed to work with the LCU316N controller for smart control applications in both large and small buildings, such as hotels, commercial building, homes and apartments. 

It supports resistive loads and most LED luminaires. Each channel can be independently dimmed either linearly or set scenes which are pre-defined dimming levels. 

It provides 32 levels of brightness providing a seamless flow when dimming up or down. With local selection of fade rates (ramping speeds) the dimming behaviour can be further enhanced.


2 channels MOSFET trailing edge dimmer.

RON bus connection, can connect multiple units to LCU316N.

32 levels of brightness.

CE and FCC compliant.