Light Switches and Panels, 1-12 Buttons

Systeq understands that lighting control is more than just turning the lights on or off. Lighting control encompasses everything from basic energy savings to creating memorable lighting experiences. Systeq’s lighting controls not only provide comfort, safety and convenience, their environmentally friendly lighting systems include energy saving modes which automatically turn lights off in unoccupied rooms.

Systeq adapts and customises wall-mounted switch plates and panels to suit any interior and room design. All switch plates and panels are beautifully designed and skilfully manufactured. Switch plates usually have between one to four buttons and switch panels have more than four, and up to twelve buttons. Systeq’s switches allow for on and off control of any type of load, such as standard lights, LED lights, halogens, fluorescents, electronic low voltage transformers and motors, for example ceiling fans. Programmable RGB LEDs give status feedback for lighting and other devices. Screw-less switch plates and panels provide a sleek finish which can be designed in different sizes and made from different materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, plastic, acrylic or safety glass. Finishes such as mat, gloss, satin, silk or engraving can be applied. Push buttons can be chosen in different colours and in round, oval, rectangular or square shapes.

Buttons are programmed to carry out different functions such as switching lights on or off, dimming control, selection of different scenes, curtains and blinds control and other service requests. The option of back light and status colour indications can be applied to each button. The button back light brightness is individually adjustable and can be completely switched off if required. Customised text and icons can be engraved in to each button if required.


Standard switch plate size 86mm x 86mm

Standard switch panel size 86mm x 147mm

Bespoke plate and panel sizes can be manufactured upon request

Large variety of materials, finishes, colours, button shapes and sizes available

Each button can be programmed individually

Each button can be lit individually

Unique customisations of switch plates, panels and buttons possible


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