Project: 2 Canada Square

Category: Office

Client: 2 Canada Square

Project Year: 2022

Project overview:

This open plan reception area for 2 Canada Square. Our system controls the lift lobbies and centre ceiling detail wit RGBW LED light.

This can be dimmed and colour controlled. With multiple scenes of different colours for different events. All programmed to a wall plate to make scene selection easy. The mobile App also has more colours pre-sets so they always have the right colour for the event.

The system can operate each area as a separate entity, or as one. The dynamic event system within the App allows for scenes to be saved by minuet, hour, day, week or year. The system can instantly recall Red on Valentine’s Day, Green on Earth day etc.

We can also set up sunrise and sunset timing, as the system knows where in the world it is and what day of the year. Energy saving at its best.

Even though we have control over the 3 areas. The building own BMS system still has the option to turn on and off the lighting and record the power being used by the lighting. This was achieved by our Bluetooth Mesh to Dali interface.