In collaboration with our sister company Systemteq Beijing. We have developed the H5000 GRMS. (Guest Room Managed System).

An alternative to our full customised IHMS system. The unit may be small in size, but it gives a huge amount of flexibility. Featuring a compact size as space is always at a premium within the guest bedroom. Din rail mounted for ease of use and powered by a 12v 3a PSU. (Supplied locally.)

The H5000 is an intelligent control centre, designed to meet most hotel guest room requirements for lighting, dimming, heating and cooling, guest services plus many useful features. The integrated design has a small form factor, ideal for hotel guest rooms where space is always at a premium.

Onboard the H5000, there are relays, dimmers, I/O points and provision for third party interfacing ports. Powered by a Cortex-A7 processor.

The H5000’s system and application software are unrivalled. Linking up each unit through a TCP network, they form a central management system providing hotel engineering a remote monitoring and control management tool. This aids in quick recovery from faults, minimising room downtime.

Designed for easy installation and servicing, 220v electrical cables are connected to high performance, plug-in terminals, while the extra low voltage cables are connected to standard RJ45 sockets.

Featuring the following:

  • 2x channel thyristor dimming circuits. Each rated at 1.5A
  • 4x channel 0-10vdc analogue outputs suitable for dimming or control of DC equipment like fan actuators, fan motors etc.
  • 22x channels of relay outputs. Each rated at 8A, providing continuous 2A operating current.
  • 30x Dry contacts for wall switch inputs.
  • 12x LED indicator outputs
  • 15x Passive dry contact inputs for Door contacts etc.
  • 8x PIR Inputs
  • 2x temperature sensors
  • 2x RS485serial ports
  • 2x RS232 serial ports
  • 2x CanBus connectors
  • 1x TCP port

These are the standard features, but this system can be scaled up to meet your required specification.

This system is already approved by the following hospitality groups for Asia Pacific:

Squarely aimed at the 3* & 4* market. This system allows operators to offer a 5* control system and guest experience to their entire portfolio.

With a full back up and support team based in the UK for remote servicing. We have your back if things go wrong.